- We know that this project few years ahead of its time, for the end user to view  and experience the 3D virtual tour but Anaglyph 3D was developed in 1852.


A regular virtual tour just wasn't showing the magnificence of the South-Indian temples, sculptures weren't relief, pillars weren't popping and flattened the splendid corridors. We promise you get a feel of virtual presence inside the temple through our 3D stereoscopic virtual tour.


Please get a pair of Anaglyph 3D glasses or connect your Laptop/Desktop to the 3D TV with HDMI cable and select the 3D display mode to SidebySide on your 3D TV.


Enjoy! Experience! Enchant!...

"India's first full 360 degree 3D Stereoscopic virtual tour of

 Meenakshi - Sundareswara Temple, Madurai."

To view this virtual tour you need to wear RED/CYAN glass.

To view this virtual tour you need to connect the Laptop/Desktop to 3D TV with HDMI cable and change 3D display mode to SIDE by SIDE and wear the 3D glass.


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